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The Dunnas “Put You On A Poster” VIDEO

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New Site Coming Soon

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Yeah so anyway, a new Cursed Out Site coming soon as well as a bout a million releases in the next year….enjoy you muggy foggers.

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Oak Lonetree:Cursed Out Professional

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The Kid Showing Em How Its Done.

The Kid Showing 'Em How It's Done.

Over the past 12 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented individuals.  From Edo.G to Godforbid to The Camp to Ripshop.  But no one has made an impression on me quite like this individual.  He’s the one, the only, the son of Waltham, Massachusetts….Oak Lonetree.  When I met Oak in 2003, he was 20.  Yup, 20.

The Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man

The Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man

Kid was hilarious.  Smoked like 50 blunts in 10 minutes, ate mad food, rapped non stop, had mad questions, had mad statements.  Kid was hungry…for beats, food, beers, weed, knowledge, anything.

Yukonn had brought him over because they recently formed a new group called  MYMANSNTHEM.   They were lookin for beats, I had a few lying around, untouched, half used, some terrible, some apparently perfect.  Well toward the end of their visit, after listening to a few clunkers in a row, I finally take out the beat I had been holding out on them with.  As I played it, the room went silent and then began the rumblings of , “We’re leaving with that beat”, and eventually becoming threats of, “We’re leaving with that beat!”  Anyway that beat became the first track off of the first and only MYMANSNTHEM LP, “The Museum Of Science”.  That track was “Grandizer“(<—click that to listen if you want…this whole flash player thing ain’t workin).

Fast forward to the future (using human computers…5 bucks if you can name that track).  2006 to be precise.  After a long and somewhat turbulent break up of MMNT (which at that point had grown to 4 members), Oak and I had begun working on his 2nd solo effort.  After hours and hours of work at the newly named “Dueling Studios”, LET ME PET THAT KITTY was born.  A 23 track mixtape that marked the first record we had put out as a duo.

Let Me Pet That Kitty in all its glory.

The Let Me Pet That Kitty cover in all it's glory.

The day the CDs arrived from UPS, I’d never been so excited.  The first official project that BOTH of us saw happen beginning to end.  No middle men.  No engineers.  No designers.  I made beats.  He rapped on them.  We put it all together as best we could.  And drank beers, smoked blunts, stuffed slimline jewel cases and held our breath at the very end, hoping the 79 minutes and 52 seconds all got on there.

The next parts to this ongoing story will eventually surface but I just wanted to let you in on some of the beginnings of Cursed Out involving Oak.  13 Albums. Hundreds of shows. Numerous radio spots. Tens of thousands of beers later, here we are.  That same 20 year old kid, now a few years older, is now at the top of his game and he’s letting everyone know.  And the “top” has just begun….

...Tens of thousands of beers....

"Tens of thousands of beers later..."

Oak’s name may show up in album credits as “MC” or “Vocals”, but what this dude does is much more.  He makes anyone he works with better than they were when he walked in.  I’m not just saying this from personal experience.  I’ve seen many MCs, singers, producers, engineers, sound dudes, drummers, guitarists, all benefit from working with Oak.  So if you’ve been lucky enough to work with dude, you already know what I mean.

– Egadz



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